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Tested breeds

Deli Dura and Yangambi Pisifera breeders had been developed and selected in other countries to some extent and then have been experimentally planted and selected again in Thailand before being used to produce Univanichs seeds. The chronology of this development is as follows:

The company received Deli Dura breed from Malaysia in 1970. We selected and developed the new breed in 2000, which was called Topi Deli Dura. The analysis result suggested that this new breed yielded great quality of bunches. During the year 1990 to 2000, the company got more breeds as a result of Combined Breeding Programme, CBP, which the collaborative project between Unilever Group and Harrison and Crossfield Group. The additional breeds were obtained from breeding project of Binga/Yangambi in Congo, Lobe in Cameroon, and Demi in Papua New Guinea. Univanich got various types of the famous Yangambi Pisifera breeder. Yangambi was planted in experimental plots and selected for hybrid seed production by Univanich.

*Institute Nationale dEtude Agriculture de Congo

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