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Univanich is the first explorer of commercial oil palm planting in Thailand since 1969. During 1983 1998, Univanich collaborated with Unilever England. A research center was established to develop the first palm breeds of Thailand in collaboration with Unilevers Department of Plantations and Plant Science. At present, this research and development center of palm breeds has continuously conducted a wide range of research on planting, fertilizing, watering, replanting, and breeding.

Univanichs project on oil palm breeding focuses on the production of good hybrid palm seeds of DxP, which yields a large number of bunches and amount of oil and is xeromorphic.

Univanichs project on oil palm breeding was designed by Dr. Herward Corley, Head of Oil Palm Research of Unilevers Department of Plantations and Plant Science, and Mr. Rosen Quist, a famous senior breeder from Harrison and Crossfield Group, under collaborative project on CBP (Combined Breeding Programme). Since the beginning of the project, Univanich has received constructive suggestions from the foreign experts, which ensures that its production of oil palm seeds is in compliance with global standard. Since 1996, Univanichs breeding project has been under the supervision of Dr. Vengatta Round, a world-renown breeder from Malaysia.

Plant tissue culture

In 2005, Univanich established the first laboratory for plant tissue culture of oil palm in Thailand, which had been designed by foreign experts with an aim to develop and produce the best breeds of palm trees selected from Univanichs breeding project.

Palm experimental plots Univanichs quality you can trust

Thanks to 7-year research and development process, the results obtained from experimental plots and laboratory analysis of palm breeders and DxP hybrid seeds conducted make Univanich successful in producing the best quality hybrid seeds from the selected breeders which yield heavy bunches and considerable amount of oil. Univanichs customers can be assured of the quality of seeds as our Seed Production Unit was awarded the certificate of ISO 9001:2000, for which our production process is regularly and thoroughly inspected to maintain production quality and standard. It was found from the examination results of Univanichs DxP hybrid seeds planted in 2000/2001 that our seeds had 99.73% purity of Tenera hybrid.



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